Artist’s Statement

Photography is the starting point for my work in the visual arts.

For me, photography is a largely solitary, meditative activity centered around the transformative effect on human consciousness of the intentional, concentrated, act of seeing.

As a photo session progresses, I find myself experiencing more and more deeply the effects of the visual encounter with my subjects. I am willingly led away from the reasoning, judging, calculating intellectual state in which I spend much of my time. I cross over into a different way of seeing and being.

This process has fostered in me a fascination with the ways in which the experience of seeing patterns of light and color can influence the human mind. Without being shocking or unnecessarily provocative, visual images can take us beyond words, possibly evoking feelings, or calming the mind, or perhaps providing a basis for a subtle shift in outlook.

My aim is to produce images that arise out of this transformed consciousness, and that can gently “turn the mind” — inviting the viewer to awaken to a deeper appreciation of the visual world — and to a calmer, more intimate sense of engagement with both the external world and with the inner world of self-awareness.


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