About This Site

Welcome to my photo arts site! I hope you enjoy what you see and read here. The site will be growing steadily as time passes, so feel free to check for new content often!

A little about me: My interest in photography as a creative pursuit was sparked many years ago by two good friends, both of whom were great and passionate photo artists. It has been a long time since we have been in touch, but if they were ever to see my site, I hope that they would see something that grew out of that spark.

That said, I should also say that I am inspired as much by painters as I am by photographers in my photo-based art. The study of paintings and painters, particularly the emergence and flourishing of modern art from the late 19th century to the present time, has helped free me from some of the traditional strictures of photography. I hope you will see some of that influence in the images on this site.

In addition to photography and photo-based art, I also enjoy wordplay, and that enjoyment is represented in the names I have given to the galleries. Here is a quick explanation of those names, and how they relate to the content:

Crossing Over Into Nature — Take a look at my Artist’s Statement for an explanation of what I mean by “crossing over.” It was during a photo shoot, on a nature walk, some years back when I first realized that I really did start to see and think differently under those conditions. This gallery includes images that should be recognizable as mid-range to long-range photographs – but they are not just “pretty pictures.” Of course, if you see beauty in some of them, well, so much the better!

‘Way Out There in Nature — After crossing over, all bets are off. Who knows where you will go from there? These images tend toward abstraction. Abstraction in a representational context, you might say.

Interior Reflections — In addition to my outdoor nature-based work, I also enjoy indoor still life photography, some of which also tends toward abstraction. In some of these images reflection is literally a factor, that is, light reflected on a glass surface for a partial-transmission “real-time double exposure” or point-source natural light reflected back on the subject with a mirror. In other cases, the reflection is just in my thought process… 

Around the Office — Once upon a time my good camera broke and could not be repaired, and I did not replace it for a while. Meanwhile, on my afternoon walks, I took to the habit of snapping pictures with my cell phone. It was fun. It was a great way to balance out the logical intensity of my job in the software industry. And the relative simplicity of the camera and extremely short focal length of the tiny little lens opened some creative territory, the exploration of which is represented here. To relieve any potential anxiety on the part of any of my employers, past or present, this gallery does not include any photos of the inside or outside of any of their office buildings. That is the irony of the title. “Around” refers to circling around the buildings, but outside.  

Illuminating the Lore — One day, an old friend and colleague of mine, John Klobucher, author of Lore of the Underlings, saw some of my Around the Office photos and saw scenes from the fictional world inside his head. With my enthusiastic permission and collaboration, he is using a number of my images as illuminations for the Lore. This gallery includes a selection from the images he has used. If you enjoy these images, and a well-crafted sci-fi fantasy story, be sure to visit Lore of the Underlings, where a real treat awaits you. Shades of Bradbury! Echoes of Asimov!

Feel free to leave a comment, and thanks for visiting!


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